Luxury Safari Writing – Hot Air Balloon


“A pre-dawn mist covers the Maasai Mara like a blanket, billowy gray over dewy green, as well as a peaceful hush. Your balloon pilot let the fires blaze into the rainbow-striped expanse of the balloon above you, and then…you’re aloft.”

This page was written based on my own experience on a balloon over  the Maasai Mara. 

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High-end Adventure Tour – Bhutan Cultural Journeys

“It is known as the “Last Shangri-La”: A small mountainous paradise steeped in tradition. Long isolated from the world, tourism in Bhutan has been allowed for less than 40 years; however, the country has embraced development with sensitivity towards preserving its pristine environment and unique culture. Set in peaceful seclusion amidst the mighty Himalayas, this kingdom’s dramatic scenery—from snow-capped peaks to its verdant rice paddies and crystalline streams—leave those lucky enough to visit in awe.”

This adventure tour specialist asked me to create romance language about Bhutan — the destination itself, as well as the tour. 

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Non-Profit Website – AmericaShare

“It all started with one little boy. He was probably six years old, and was going from person to person in a Nairobi, Kenya shopping centre with a note from his school headmaster. The note said that he was admitted to school, but needed to raise 700 shillings for a school uniform before he could come to class.  It closed with a simple request: ‘Please help.’ ”

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Blog Post – Warm Destinations for Winter

“For many of us, the approach of the holidays means that winter’s chill is around the bend — and we remember the warmth of summer with a wistful smile. Of course, our friends in the Southern Hemisphere are just starting to enjoy the pleasures of summer — so why not consider a journey to the bottom half of the globe? Escape the winter by traveling to where it’s summer by joining us on one of these traveler favorites…”


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Blog Post – Travel for Literature Lovers

“Literature can inspire wanderlust; the idea for many a grand journey began while reading a good book. That idea can work both ways, too – sometimes a destination can be a big part of a great work of literature. The world’s libraries are filled with tomes that bring to mind iconic destinations, but there are a few books and authors that really stand apart. Here are a few of our favorites….”

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