Thought leadership piece for Manufacturing Software and Consultancy firm

Ghost-wrote thought leadership pieces for an organization committed to helping manufacturing streamline and maximize their processes. This was an exercise in distilling — I received some rough notes and an outline, and turned it into a piece that told a story while still striking the right notes with people in the industry.

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Internal Communications Website – Major Business Services Firm

Expecting? Here’s what to expect from us: Your health benefits cover you while you’re pregnant, when you give birth and while you care for your new child. Learn more about what your plan covers (for those covered under a PB medical plan).”

This business services client (a billion-dollar company) requested copy for a portion of their intranet devoted to educating employees about processes in place to help them in times of transition. 

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E-commerce company – Product promotion page

“The benefits of cycling are obvious: exercise, pollution-free travel, and enjoying the outdoors. But what if it could also power your mobile devices? With the Atom generator, that’s not just a wish; it’s a reality. Created by the smart folks at Siva Cycle, the Atom charges electronics using the energy you create.”

A client tasked me with writing copy to promote one of their weekly product launches, in this case, a phone charger that is charged by riding your bicycle. Writing tasks included SEO-friendly headlines, product description, video script, and more. 


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Video Script and Voiceover – International Travel Company

“It’s known as the “Land of Fire and Ice” – an island nation that is as ruggedly beautiful as it is fascinating. Since Vikings first settled here in the 9th century, Iceland’s craggy shores have greeted many who have sailed to this fabled corner of the North Atlantic, just as it will greet you on our deluxe small ship cruise, Iceland Adventure: Circumnavigating the Untamed.”

I was tasked by an award-winning travel organization to write a script that brought their Iceland itinerary to life. I also did the voiceover work.

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Email – Travelers’ Favorite Destinations

Subject line: “Save on our Top Adventures — Don’t miss out”

This promotional email had a 25% open rate (versus a budget of 13.6%), 1,432 unique clicks (versus budget of 554), and resulted in six sales for approximately 40,000 in revenue for the company.

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Luxury Safari Writing – Hot Air Balloon


“A pre-dawn mist covers the Maasai Mara like a blanket, billowy gray over dewy green, as well as a peaceful hush. Your balloon pilot let the fires blaze into the rainbow-striped expanse of the balloon above you, and then…you’re aloft.”

This page was written based on my own experience on a balloon over  the Maasai Mara. 

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High-end Adventure Tour – Bhutan Cultural Journeys

“It is known as the “Last Shangri-La”: A small mountainous paradise steeped in tradition. Long isolated from the world, tourism in Bhutan has been allowed for less than 40 years; however, the country has embraced development with sensitivity towards preserving its pristine environment and unique culture. Set in peaceful seclusion amidst the mighty Himalayas, this kingdom’s dramatic scenery—from snow-capped peaks to its verdant rice paddies and crystalline streams—leave those lucky enough to visit in awe.”

This adventure tour specialist asked me to create romance language about Bhutan — the destination itself, as well as the tour. 

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Blog Post – Warm Destinations for Winter

“For many of us, the approach of the holidays means that winter’s chill is around the bend — and we remember the warmth of summer with a wistful smile. Of course, our friends in the Southern Hemisphere are just starting to enjoy the pleasures of summer — so why not consider a journey to the bottom half of the globe? Escape the winter by traveling to where it’s summer by joining us on one of these traveler favorites…”


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Blog Post – Travel for Literature Lovers

“Literature can inspire wanderlust; the idea for many a grand journey began while reading a good book. That idea can work both ways, too – sometimes a destination can be a big part of a great work of literature. The world’s libraries are filled with tomes that bring to mind iconic destinations, but there are a few books and authors that really stand apart. Here are a few of our favorites….”

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