Bespoke Safari Decription – Luxury Tour Operator


“In some of the secluded corners of this wild continent, there are places where humans rarely tread—isolated, hypnotic havens where each step seems to bring a jolt of excitement.”

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South African Bespoke Properties

“Modern and nostalgic, romantic and sexy, cosy and airy, colonial and African, Singita’s lodges are luxurious worlds within a wild land. While the camps may have diverse environments and decor, they all share Singita’s unfailing commitment to impeccable, unmatched service. And alluringly set within two different reserves with some of the best game viewing in the world, plus first-rate cuisine and sumptuous amenities, each Singita lodge offers a quintessentially African safari experience. Prepare to have your expectations exceeded.”

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Non-Profit Brochure: AmericaShare

“Here in Mukuru, the story is changing. With all of the smiles you see in the Mukuru slum of Nairobi, it’s easy to forget how hard life can be here. As children play in the street, their laughter echoing off the corrugated-metal walls of ramshackle houses, you wouldn’t think that they face so many seemingly insurmountable problems. But the residents of Mukuru are smiling, laughing, playing. And they’re not alone…”

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